About Kent FIBER Optic Systems | Kent County MD

The foundation of Kent FIBER Optic Systems is its team of successful Entrepreneurs, Technicians, Sales and Support staff.

KentFOS Team

Included in its “personnel assets” are the founder of one of the first Gigabit Ethernet suppliers to a customer base; a Managing Partner for a premier privately held FIBER Optic Network in Baltimore; a Co-founder of a primary supplier of antennas in the wireless industry; a CFO of an employer of over 300 employees; a VP of Customer Relations with extensive experience in supporting network growth in under and non-served regions; a VP of Engineering and Construction driving over 200 miles of new Dark FIBER build; a Director of Operations with over 19 years of telecommunication experience relating to FIBER network engineering, construction, maintenance and test/turn up.

With the full support of the Kent County Administration, Kent FIBER Optic Systems is fully enabled to expand its network throughout Kent County, MD.