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Companies and businesses whose services and operations depend on high-speed bandwidth are perfect candidates for the impressive benefits of Kent FIBER Optic Systems Dark FIBER network implementation. 


Kent FIBER Optic Systems provides the FIBER BROADBAND connectivity throughout Kent County, MD.  Dark FIBER is the solution to meet the critical requirements of security, reliability, control, scalability, and even cost when it comes to Business.  A sound and secure communications infrastructure is the foundation to support the rapidly advancing technologies which support organizational growth while at the same time improving customer and constituent satisfaction through cost effective and reliable performance. 

The construction of a Dark FIBER infrastructure solution by Kent FIBER Optic Systems includes integrated redundancy and the ability to deploy single mode FIBER as well as multi mode for intra building needs.  Our 24/7 emergent team trained to meet Mean Time To Repair requirements is fulfilled by construction, engineering, and splicing professionals.

If your business requires complete control of network infrastructure and needs a near zero response time for point to point communication, Dark FIBER is the clear solution.  With a Dark FIBER network, your business becomes the Internet Service Provider, creating the ability for internal IT technicians to manage the performance and maintenance of the immediate needs of the network.

A Kent FIBER Optic Systems Dark FIBER network offers the highest level of security as the network is independently and privately owned. Because the Dark FIBER is operated by the leasee, no other outside entities can track, trace or record the data and information being transmitted through the dark fiber.

If your business needs to transmit sensitive materials over a secure network on a consistent basis, it is imperative that the highest security measures are taken. These measures are especially important for sensitive industries such as research, defense and financial services.

A Kent FIBER Optic Systems Dark FIBER network offers service which meets the performance standards of any ISP. The construction by Kent FIBER Optic Systems is primarily underground, that combined with its route redundancies, creates a path with minimal risk and maximum performance.

Kent FIBER Optic Systems Dark FIBER network provides the fast communications between different point to point portals that Businesses rely on. Data Centers require communications that are efficient, seamless, and with extremely low latency. Kent FIBER Optic Systems FIBER Network delivers the path; your IT team controls transmissions, equipment, provisioning and the upgrades that will allow you to seamlessly upgrade to keep up with technology or align with your changing business needs and requirements.

A Kent FIBER Optic Systems Dark FIBER network is an investment in a Utility Infrastructure. The investment not only increases your performance abilities, but increases the value of your property. With its Dark FIBER network, Kent FIBER Optic Systems has the ability to scale your network to virtually any bandwidth without the need for costly and disruptive upgrades.

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